Album: Madman Across the Water
Artist: Elton John
Year: 1971 Polydor
Catalog Number: P2-25487

Tracks: Tiny Dancer (6:12)
        Levon (5:37)
        Razor Face (4:40)*
        Madman Across the Water (5:22)*
        Indian Sunset (6:45)
        Holiday Inn (4:22)
        Rotten Peaches (5:14)*
        All the Nasties (5:08)
        Goodbye (1:48)

*Rick Wakeman plays organ on these tracks

Review:  A good album, especially "Levon", "Madman Across the
Water", and "Indian Sunrise".  Highly recommended for anyone who
likes Elton John's older material, but may not (like me) care for
his more recent work.  Rick Wakeman's influence really isn't noticeable,
and if he wasn't in the credits there would be no reason to believe he
played on the album. However, it is a quality work of music by Elton none
the less, and comes highly recomended.

Thanks to Mark Rhodes for providing this information

Rick Wakeman
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