Album: Keys To Ascension
Artist: Yes
1996 Alliance/Castle (Europe)
1996 CMC Inernational (US)
CD US:0607686208-2 (2 discs)

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals
Steve Howe- guitars, vocals
Chris Squire- bass, vocals
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Alan White- Drums and percussion
Produced by Yes
Mixed by Billy Sherwood
Tracks 1-7 recorded between Mar 4-6, Freemont Theater,
San Luis Obispo, CA
Tracks Disc One
1. Siberian Khatru (10:16)
2. The Revealing Science Of God (20:32)
3. America (10:28)
4. Onward (5:48)
5. Awaken (18:33)
Tracks Disc Two
6. Roundabout (8:30)
7. Starship Trooper (15:05)
8. Be The One (Anderson/Squire/Howe) (9:50)
9. That, That Is (Anderson/Howe/Squire/White) (19:14)

Comments: It's Finally here! "That That Is" is probably the best thing Yes
has put out since "Close To The Edge." It will surely become a Yes classic.
Unfortunately, the other new track "Be The One" falls short. This song sounds
more like a Steve Howe demo. In fact, Steve even plays bass on this one. It is
obvious that Steve was there for the mixing this time, as you can barely hear
anyone else! 
      The live tracks are good. You can tell where Jon redid the vocals. In 
some parts you can even the old vocals in the background. Again, you can tell
Steve was here for the mixing of the live tracks too. 
      This is volume one of a two volume set. The second volume, due next spring,
will have the remaining live tracks from the SLO shows as well as some more new
material. I would have prefered an entire album of new Yes material and a 
seperate live album. Let's hope the new stuff on volume two is more like "That
That Is" and less like "Be The One." (****)

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