Album: The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1973 A&M
CD: CD 3229

Band members:
Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Les Hurdle: bass (1, 5)
Dave Winter: bass (2, 6)
Chris Squire: bass (1)
Chas Cronk: bass (3)
Mike Egan: guitar (1, 2, 5, 6)
Steve Howe: guitar (1)
Dave Lambert: guitar (3)
Alan White: drums (2, 4, 6)
Bill Bruford: drums (1, 5)
Barry de Souza: drums (3)
Frank Riccotti: percussion (2, 3, 6)
Ray Cooper: percussion (1, 5)
Dave Cousins: electric banjo (3)
Liza Strike: vocals (1, 5)
Barry St. John: vocals (1)
Judy Powell: vocals (1)
Laura Lee: vocals (5)
Sylvia McNeill: vocals (5)

Written and Produced by Rick Wakeman

1. Catherine of Aragon (3:47)
2. Anne of Cleves (7:55)
3. Catherine Howard (6:37)
4. Jane Seymour (4:50)
5. Anne Boleyn 'The Day Thou Gavest Lord Hath Ended' (6:36)
6. Catherine Parr (7:04)

Comments: (****) Rick's first solo album is one of his best. Most of his albums are concept albums and it began here. Each song is a different take on his impression of each of King Henry's six wives. This instrumental album shows Wakeman at his best. (MP)

"Catherine of Aragon", under another title predating the six wives concept, was originally recorded with Squire/Howe/Bruford for Wakeman's solo spot on Fragile. However, licensing issues meant it could not be used and it was re-used here with further overdubs from Hurdle/Egan/Cooper. (HP, 26 May 01)

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