Yes- Time And A Word (UK cover)
Album: Time And A Word
Artist: Yes
1970 Atlantic
CD: 82681-2 (remastered)

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals
Peter Banks- guitar
Bill Bruford- drums & percussion
Tony Kaye- keyboards
Chris Squire- bass & vocals

Produced by Tony Colton

No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (Havens) (4:47)
Then (Anderson) (5:42)
Everydays (Stills) (6:06)
Sweet Dreams (Anderson/Foster) (3:48)
The Prophet (Anderson/Squire) (6:32)
Clear Days (Anderson) (2:04)
Astral Traveller (Anderson) (5:50)
Time And A Word (Anderson/Foster) (4:31)

Comments: The second album still finds Yes experimenting musically. 
This offering further redefined the Yes sound. Yes even brought in an
orchestra for musical color. This move led up to the departing of guitarist
Peter Banks, who moved on to Flash. Again, this album is a
conmbination of covers and originals.  (***)

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