Yes- Union
Album: Union
Artist: Yes
1991 Arista
CD UK: 261 558

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals
Bill Bruford- drums and percussion (except on *)
Steve Howe- guitars and vocals (except on *)
Tony Kaye- keyboards (on *)
Trevor Rabin- guitar, vocals, keyboards (on *)
Chris Squire- bass and vocals (on * and #)
Rick Wakeman- keyboards (except on *)
Alan White- drums and percussion (on *)

Additional musicians:
Tony Levin- bass and vocals (except on *)
Jimmy Haun- guitars (except on *)
Keyboards: Jim Crichton, Jonathan Elias, Alex Lasarenko (except on *)
Percussion: Jerry Bennett, Allan Schwartzberg (except on *)
Synths: Richard Baker, Gary Barlough, Jerry Bennett, Jim Crichton,
  Jonathan Elias, Sherman Foote, Brian Foraker, Chris Fosdick,
  Rory Kaplan, Alex Lasarenko, Steve Porcaro (except on *)
Additional Vocals: Deborah Anderson, Jonathan Elias, Gary Falcone,
  Tommy Funderburk, Ian Lloyd, Michael Sherwood, Danny Vaughn 
  (except on *), Billy Sherwood (on "The More We Live- Let Go")
Cambodian Poetry on "Angkor Wat": Pauline Cheng
Produced by Jonathan Elias; Associate Producer: Jon Anderson
"Masquerade" produced by Steve Howe
"Lift Me Up" and "Saving My Heart" produced by Trevor Rabin
"Miracle Of Life" produced by Trevor Rabin with Mark Mancina and
  Eddie Offord
"The More We Live- Let Go" produced by Eddie Offord; co-produced
  by Billy Sherwood 

I Would Have Waited Forever  (Anderson/Howe/Elias) (6:33) #
Shock To The System  (Anderson/Howe/Elias) (5:08)
Masquerade  (Howe) (2:17)
Lift Me Up  (Rabin/Squire) (6:30) *
Without Hope You Cannot Start The Day  (Anderson/Elias) (5:18) #
Saving My Heart (Rabin) (4:41) *
Miracle Of Life  (Rabin/Mancina) (7:30) *
Silent Talking  (Anderson/Howe/Wakeman/Bruford/Elias) (4:00)
The More We Live-Let Go (Squire/Sherwood) (4:54) *
Angkor Wat (Anderson/Wakeman/Elias) (5:23)
Dangerous (Look In The Light Of What You're Searching For) (Anderson/Elias) (3:38) #
Holding On (Anderson/Elias/Howe) (5:24)
Evensong  (Levin/Bruford) (0:51)
Take The Water To The Mountain (Anderson) (3:12)
Give And Take (Anderson/Howe/Elias) (4:29) ^

^ indicated bonus track on UK release only

Comments: It's ironic that the most disjointed album in Yes history is
titled, "Union." Although the album suffers from massive over
production, it has some great music and is full of energy. Listening to
the album makes one wonder where Wakeman was during the 
recording of this album. (***)

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