Album: Wonderous—A Tribute to Yes
Artist: various artists
2001 Delta Music
CD: Delta 47 060

Also released as
Album: The Revealing Songs of Yes
2001 Purple Pyramid
CD: CLP1143-2

Band members:
Adam Wakeman: keyboards
Lee Pomeroy: bass guitar
Ant Glynne: electric and acoustic guitars
Richard Brook: drums and percussion

Steve Overland: vocals (1, 6)
Nikki Squire: vocals (2)
Eddie Hardin: vocals (3)
Judie Tzuke: vocals (4, 8)
Damian Wilson: vocals (5, 7)
Dougie White: vocals (9)
Rick Wakeman: Hammond organ (4), keys (8)
Chrissie Hammond: backing vocals (3)
Terry Adams: programming

Produced by Adam Wakeman
Executive producer: Brian Adams
Engineered and mixed by Nick Smith
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Hatch Farm Studios, Surrey, UK; pre-production/programming at Felmerhsam Hall Studios, Bedfordshire, UK

1. Revealing Science of God [Anderson/Howe/White/Squire/Wakeman] (7:58)
2. Long Distance Runaround [Anderson] (3:25)
3. America [Simon] (10:00)
4. Roundabout [Anderson/Howe] (8:20)
5. Going for the One [Anderson] (5:21)
6. Owner of a Lonely Heart [Anderson/Rabin/Squire/Horn] (4:24)
7. And You and I [Anderson/Bruford/Howe/Squire] (8:48)
    i. The Chord of Life
    ii. Eclipse
    iii. The Preacher The Teacher
8. Wonderous Stories [Anderson] (3:49)
9. Awaken [Anderson/Howe] (6:11)

Notes: (**)

This album was released slightly later in the US as The Revealing Songs of Yes, apparently Adam Wakeman's preferred title. The US liner notes include a 3-page history of Yes by Dave Thompson, but omits to say who plays on which track. It also has a different cover.

A somewhat pointless tribute album from Adam Wakeman plus most of the new English Rock Ensemble band. The music largely sticks to the original arrangements. Guest vocalists include Chris Squire's ex-wife Nikki, while Chrissie Hammond should be familiar from several of Rick Wakeman's solo projects. The UK release manages to misspell both Ant Glynne (as Glynn) and Damian Wilson (as Damien). (HP, thanks to Michael Bentley, 10 Aug 01)

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