Yes- Yesshows

Album: Yesshows
Artist: Yes
1980 Atlantic
CD: 82686-2 (remastered) 2 CDs

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals
Steve Howe- guitars, vocals
Patrick Moraz- keyboards on *
Chris Squire- bass & vocals
Rick Wakeman- keyboards (except *)
Alan White- drums and percussion 

Produced by Yes 
except "Don't Kill The Whale" produced by Tony Wilson

All tracks recorded live between 1976-1978

Parallels (6:57)
  (Ahoy-Halle, Rotterdam. 11/24/1977)
Time And A Word (4:05)
  (Empire Pool, Wembley, 10/27/1978)
Going For The One (5:13)
  (Festhalle, Frankfurt, 11/18/1977)
The Gates Of Delirium (22:58)
  (Cobo Hall, Detroit, 8/17/1976)
Don't Kill The Whale (4:12)
  (Empire Pool, Wembley, 10/28/1978)
Ritual (28:22)
  (Cobo Hall, Detroit, 8/17/1976)
Wonderous Stories (3:55)
  (Ahoy-Halle, Rotterdam, 11/24/1977)

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