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Album: An Introduction to Summerfold Records
2004 Summerfold Records

1. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: "My Heart Declares a Holiday"/Bill Bruford in conversation (10:36)
2. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: "Bridge of Inhibition"/Bill Bruford in conversation (5:46)
3. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: "Gentle Persuasion"/Bill Bruford in conversation (9:19)
4. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: "A Part, and Yet Apart"/Bill Bruford in conversation (12:23)
5. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: "No Truce with the Furies"/Bill Bruford in conversation (8:12)
6. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: "One of a Kind (Part 1)" (2:20)
7. Bill Bruford's Earthworks: "One of a Kind (Part 2)" (4:01)
8. Bruford-Borstlap: "The 16 Kingdoms of the 5 Barbarians" extract with spoken introduction by Bill Bruford (4:57)

Notes: This introductory disc is included in all Winterfold Records releases. Bill Bruford set up two record labels, Summerfold and Winterfold, both distributed through Voiceprint. Winterfold reissues remastered albums from Bruford's back catalogue from 1977 to about 1985-7 and the formation of Earthworks: i.e., primarily Bruford and Moraz/Bruford albums. Summerfold concentrates on Bill Bruford's Earthworks, both remastered re-releases and new releases.

The disc consists of 8 tracks, mostly consisting of an Earthworks track followed by Bill Bruford in conversation. The tracks come from the following albums:

1. Random Acts of Happiness
2. Earthworks
3. Dig?
4. A Part, and Yet Apart
5. A Part, and Yet Apart
6. Random Acts of Happiness
7. Random Acts of Happiness
8. Every Step a Dance, Every Word a Song.

(HP, 27 Nov 04; updated 1 May 05)

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