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Album: Future Memories Live On TV (Keyboards' Metamorphoses) 
Artist: Patrick Moraz
1984 Jem
Cass: PVCC 8922
Band Members:
Patrick Moraz - keyboards
Produced by Patrick Moraz
Executive Production - Patrick Moraz, Jean Ristori, Francois Jaquenod
All Music by Patrick Moraz
Composed, performed, recorded and mixed Live on TV in Geneva, November 13 & 
14, 1979
Instant Keyboards & Percussions Compositions On Acoustic and Electronic 
Instruments As Seen On Television
1. Metamorphoses  18:50
2. Eastern Sundays  8:48
3. Black Silk  10:13
Comments: Although these spontaneous compositions begin rather tediously, 
listeners will be rewarded for their patience by the phenomenal final track. 
submitted by Ray Riethmeier.

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