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Patrick Moraz

Where are they now? Patrick Moraz news
Relayer, 1974
Yesshows, 1980
YesYears, 1991
Yesstory, 1992
Highlights—The Very Best of Yes, 1993
In a Word: Yes (1969-   ), 2002
Yes Remixes, 2003
The Ultimate Yes—35th Anniversary Collection, 2003/2004

Solo Albums

Story of i, 1976
Out in the Sun, 1977
Patrick Moraz III, 1978
Coexistence, 1980 (re-released as Libertate)
Timecode, 1984
Future Memories Live on TV, 1984
Future Memories II, 1984
Human Interface, 1984
Windows of Time, 1994
PM in Princeton, 1995
British Audio Designs: Composer Series, 1995
Resonance, 2000
ESP (Etudes, Sonatas and Preludes), 2003


Mainhorse, 1971


Refugee, 1974

The Moody Blues

Long Distance Voyager, 1981
The Present, 1983
The Other Side of Life, 1986
Sur la Mer, 1988
The Story of The Moody Blues, 1989
Keys of the Kingdom, 1991
Time Traveller, 1994

Bruford - Moraz

Music for Piano and Drums, 1983/expanded & remastered 2004
Flags, 1985/expanded & remastered 2004

Guest appearances

Steve Howe: Beginnings, 1975
Chris Squire: Fish Out of Water, 1975
Steve Howe: The Steve Howe Album, 1979
Kiki Dee: Perfect Timing, 1982
various artists: The Mellotron Album, 1987
Bunny Brunel: Momentum, 1989
Kazumi Watanabe: Kilowatt, 1989
Paul Howards: Paul Howards, 1992
various artists: A Chance Operation: The John Cage Tribute, 1993
various artists: Tales from Yesterday, 1995
various artists: Steinway to Heaven, 1996
various artists: The Fox Lies Down, 1998
various artists: Music for the 3rd Millennium, 1999
Tony Palkovic: Esoteric, 2000
Steve Howe: Homebrew 2, 2000


Bill Bruford: Master Strokes, 1988
various artists: Cinema Sampler, 1988
various artists: Angels in the Architecture, 1988
various artists: Affirmative: The Yes Solo Family Album, 1993
various artists: Audition/Demo CD

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