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Album: Mark II
Artist: Empire
1996 One Way Records, Inc.
CD: OW 32650

Peter Banks: guitar, background vocals
Sydney Foxx: lead vocals
Jeffrey Fayman: drums, percussion
Chad Peery: bass
Robert Orellana: keys
Jakob Freeman Magnusonn: guest keys

Produced by Peter Banks & John Arias
Engineered by John Arias
Recorded at Group Four and Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles, 1977
Digital transfer & re-mastering by Paul Antonell

1. Still Out of Our Hands (8:29)
2. Destiny (3:40)
3. Sky at Night (8:43)
4. Do What You Want (8:34)
5. Everything Changes (12:48)

Notes: After the failure of the first incarnation of Empire (see Mark I), Banks and ex-wife Sydney Foxx (a.k.a. Sidonie Jordan) came to the US and tried again with a new line-up. They were no more successful then before and these recordings had to wait until 1996 before being released. No writing credits are given, but I presume the music was by Banks and the lyrics by Foxx, as on Mark I.

The album is in a similar style to the other two Empire releases (perhaps closer to Mark I than Mark III) and Banks still gets plenty of good guitar licks along the way. (1) sounds surprisingly Yessy. (HP, 1 Jun 03)

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