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Album: Mark III
Artist: Empire
1996 One Way Records
CD: OW 32179

Peter Banks: guitars
Sydney Foxx: vocals
Mark Murdock: drums
Paul Delph: keyboards
Brad Stephenson: bass

Produced by Peter Banks

1. Ain't That Peculiar  04:30
2. Destiny  06:16
3. Faraway  05:54
4. Goodbye  04:35
5. Dancing Man  04:55
6. Foundation  09:31

Notes: The third attempt at a band by Peter Banks and ex-wife Sydney Foxx (a.k.a. Sidonie Jordan), this incarnation began in 1978 at a meeting between Banks, Foxx and Empire's manager-to-be Dwight Tindle, organised by the band's drummer-to-be Mark Murdock. These demos were recorded around a year later, but, as with the other incarnations', had to wait until 1996 for a release. The liner notes do not give writing credits, but suggest that the music was mostly by Banks, with melodies and lyrics from Foxx.

Track (2) is a version of (2) on the previous Empire demos, Mark II. While the band's promotional photos had improved greatly since the Mark II line-up, I don't think the music is as successful, with Mark III being the most mainstream of the three Empire releases. (HP/MP, 1 Jun 03) 

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