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Single: Maybe
Artist: Jon Anderson
1998 Eagle Records

Adam Wakeman: additional keyboards & Hammond (2)
Fraser T Smith: guitars (2)

Produced by Jon Anderson (1, 3, 4)
Jon's vocals produced by Nick Smith (1, 3, 4)
Produced/mixed by Sunshine State for Sunshine State Productions (2)

Mixed at Hatch Farm Studios, Surrey

1. Maybe 7" radio mix [Anderson/Jocky] (3.19)
2. Owner of a Lonely Heart '98 remake - sunshine state classic radio edit [Rabin/Anderson/Squire/Horn] (3.34)
3. 10 Million [Anderson/Jocky] (3.42)
4. Maybe extended version [Anderson/Jocky] (4.04)

Notes: The lead single from The More You Know, this provides the credits that were missing for the cover of "Owner of a Lonely Heart" on Yes, Friends & Relatives, although Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith has his name abbreviated. The b-side, "10 Million", was released as a bonus track on the Japanese release of The More You Know and on Yes, Friends & Relatives. (Ray Riethmeier, 16 Apr 02)

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