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The More You Know
Album: The More You Know
Artist: Jon Anderson
1998 Purple Pyramid
CD:CLP 0245-2 [US]

Band Members:
Jon Anderson: vocals
Jane Luttenberger Anderson: vocals
Francis Jocky: vocals, keyboards
Bobby Jocky: bass, keyboards

Produced by Jon Anderson

All tracks written by Jon Anderson and Francis Jocky

1. Magic Love
2. Maybe
3. Say
4. The More You Know
5. Heaven's Love
6. Faithfully
7. Take, Take, Take
8. Gimme Love
9. Dancing Food
10. Sad
11. Ever
12. Free (Some Would Say)
13. Some TV
14. Youth
15. 10 Million [Japanese bonus track only]

Notes: Jon and wife Jane joined the French brothers Jocky for this urban take on Anderson's music. "Maybe" was released as a single. (MP/HP, 4 May 02) 

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