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Album: The Power Of Silence
Artist: Jon Anderson
1992 Geffen
CASS: GEFC-24631 (promo)

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals

 1. The Book Opens/
 2. Indian Spiritual Play Songs/
 3. Sixteen Sixteen/
 4. Talk Talk/
 5. I Coos (Happy Wind)/
 6. Quick Words/
 7. Shall We Play The Game/
 8. Talk Talk/
 9. Quick Words/

10. Semati Siyonpme (Beautiful Star)
11. Good Day Morning/
12. Leap Into The Inconceivable/
13. Song Of Home

14. Building Bridges/
15. Sound And Color

16. Maazo Maazo (The Deer)/
17. Enter Ye The Mystery School/
18. March Of The Toltec/
19. Ave Verum

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Note: This album was never commercially released. It was later released
under the title "Toltec" on the High Street division of the Windham Hill
label. Use the "Toltec" link below for information on that album.


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