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Artist: Trevor Rabin
Title: Trevor Rabin
1978 Chrysalis
LP: CHR 1196; CD: TOCP-6355

Trevor Rabin: all instruments, except as noted below
Kevin Kruger: percussion
Godfrey Rabin: violin (9)

1. Getting to Know You Better 4:03
2. Finding Me a Way Back Home 4:49
3. All I Want is Your Love 3:38
4. Live a Bit 4:55
5. Fantasy 3:19
6. Stay with Me 3:49
7. Red Desert 3:52
8. Painted Picture 3:33
9. Love Life 4:03

all songs composed by T. Rabin

Notes: (****) Rabin's eponymous debut was first released in South Africa as Beginnings, before being re-released with some changes as Trevor Rabin. Voiceprint then re-released the album under the Beginnings name, but with this track list, in 2003.

Godfrey is Trevor's father. (HP, with information provided by Don J. Thorpe, 8 Feb 03)

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