Album: Country Airs
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1986 Coda Records

Rick Wakeman: solo piano

Produced by Rick Wakeman

Dandelion Dreams (4:10)
Stepping Stones (3:46)
Ducks and Drakes (3:54)
Morning Haze (3:04)
Waterfalls (3:54)
Quiet Valleys (4:21)
Nature Trails (3:10)
Heather Carpets (3:57)
Lakeland Walks (3:55)
Wild Moors (3:23)

Comments: This is pleasant piano playing, made before "New Age" became a dirty word. The playing is not energetic (like Criminal Record), but easy to listen to. These tunes were rerecorded and released with 4 more tracks under the same title, "Country Airs" in 1992

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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