Album: Live in LA
Artist: Trevor Rabin
2003 Voiceprint

Trevor Rabin: guitar, vocals
Lou Molina: drums
Mark Mancina: keyboards, backing vocals
Jim Simmons: bass, backing vocals

Rex King: tour manager
Hank McHugh: production manager
Richard Davis: band technician
Paul Linford: band technician
Paul Mitchell: house engineer
Greg Stephenson: monitor engineer
Courtney Jones: sound technician

"My thoughts go out to all those people suffering under the tyranny of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe." (from Rabin's liner notes)

1. Cover Up
2. Sorrow (Your Heart)
3. Heard You Cry Wolf
4. Changes
5. Eyes of Love
6. Love will Find a Way
7. Sludge
8. Can't Look Away
9. Owner of a Lonely Heart
10. Something to Hold on to

Notes: Recorded at the Los Angeles show on Rabin's 1989 solo tour, this album had been prepared for release on One Way Records a number of years before, but their bankruptcy put paid to that. It was finally released on Voiceprint as part of a suite of Rabin release, along side 90124 and re-releases of Beginnings (a.k.a. Trevor Rabin), Face to Face and Wolf. The liner notes are minimal, not uncommon from Voiceprint, failing to credit what sounds like some additional backing vocals.

Rabin is joined by Molina, drummer on much of Can't Look Away, and Mancina, with whom he subsequently worked on some film soundtracks. "Cover Up" is a very early version of what became "Lift Me Up" on Yes's Union. The three Yes covers stick fairly close to Yes's live versions, including the "Make It Easy" intro to "Owner of a Lonely Heart". It is only with "Owner" that Anderson's absence on vocals is missed, with Rabin straining to sing his parts. (HP, 7 Mar 03)

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