Album: The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1975 A & M Records 
CD: 3230

Band Members:
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Ashley Holt- vocals
Roger Newell- bass
Barney James- drums
John Hodson- percussion
Wil Malone- orchestral arrangement
David Measham- orchestra and choir conduction
David Katz- orchestral co-ordination
Terry Taplin- narration

Produced and written by Rick Wakeman

Arthur (7:26)
Lady Of The Lake (0:45)
Guinevere (6:45)
Sir Lancelot And The Black Knight (5:20)
Merlin The Magician (8:51)
Sir Galahad (5:51)
The Last Battle (9:41)

Comments: A follow-up to "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth,"
"Myths.." is another concept album complete with narration.
Unfortunately, like "Journey.." Wakeman brings back Mr. Holt on 
vocals. The album is not without it's good moments (Merlin) but
there are too many bad moments to make this one worth listening to. (**)

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