Yes- LP

Album: Yes
Artist: Yes
1969 Atlantic
CD: 82680-2 (remastered)

Band Members:
Jon Anderson- vocals
Peter Banks- guitar
Bill Bruford- drums & percussion
Tony Kaye- keyboards
Chris Squire- bass & vocals

Produced by Paul Clay & Yes

Beyond And Before (Squire/Bailey) (4:50)
I See You (McGuinn/Crosby) (6:33)
Yesterday And Today (Anderson) (2:57)
Looking Around (Anderson/Squire) (3:49)
Harold Land (Anderson/Squire/Bruford) (5:26)
Every Little Thing (Lennon/McCartney) (5:24)
Sweetness (Anderson/Squire/Bailey) (4:19)
Survival (Anderson) (6:01)

Comments: Yes' first album finds the band experimenting with their sound.
The album consists of a combination of cover sngs and original material.
Some of Yes' trademark sounds wew developed on this album such as
Squire's thunderous bass, Anderson's angelic voice, and Kaye's swirling
keyboards. Although still a far cry from Yes' many masterpieces of the
seventies, "Yes" still is a very good debut and gets the band headed in
the right direction. (***)

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