Yes Active
Album: Yes Active
Artist: Yes
1994 Victory/Compton's New Media

Band members:
Jon Anderson: vocals
Tony Kaye: Hammond organ
Trevor Rabin: guitar, vocals, additional keyboards
Chris Squire: bass, vocals
Alan White: drums

1. multimedia content
2. State of Play
3. Where Will You Be

Multimedia content:
1. The Calling
2. I am Waiting
3. Real Love
4. State of Play
5. Walls
6. Where Will You Be
7. Endless Dream

8. Walls (instrumental)
9. Where Will You Be (instrumental)
10. State Of Play (demo)
11. Endless Dream (demo)
12. Silent Spring (from "Endless Dream")
13. Talk (from "Endless Dream")

1. I Am Waiting
2. Walls

Notes: This nice CD-ROM contains the entire of Yes' Talk album playable on your computer (only "State of Play" and "Where Will You Be" play on audio CD). On your computer, after listening to the familiar music or Jon Anderson's voice (that announces in an amused tone, "Helloooo... CD-ROM"), you can listen to the songs, each with complete lyrics and video commentary from Anderson or Rabin; watch the band perform on two songs; and hear two rehearsals.

The best feature is the Music Workshop, where you hear the band members talk about their music and instruments. In addition, clicking on a band member, you will be able to play a snippet from their instrument with your mouse (except, of course, for Anderson's microphone, but why not his other devices?). For instance, after Tony Kaye's explanations (a really charming person, who I never saw talking before), you can play the keyboard and hear the horn blast from "Owner of a Lonely Heart".

There's also a History section, with a short biography of the band. It seems to have a well done discography until you discover that, for some reason, the list starts with Tales from Topographic Oceans! No mercy should be shown for whoever is responsible for this shoddy work.

Although Talk is mainly a Trevor Rabin AOR album (adding Anderson on vocals and the rest of the band as a guests)—very close to his boring 1989 Can't Look AwayYes Active gives, at least, an interesting document about a particular time in the
zigzagging history of '90s Yes. (David Jones, 26 Jul 02)

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