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Album: The Collection
Artist: Geoffrey Downes and the New Dance Orchestra
2003 Blueprint

Performed by Geoff Downes, with
John Wetton (2)
Glenn Hughes: vocals (3, 10)
John Payne (12)
Trevor Horn (18)

Produced and engineered by Geoffrey Downes
Executive producer: Rob Ayling
Mastered by Dallas Simpson
Artwork & sleeve design: Mark Wilkinson
Liner notes: Dave Gallant

1. East West (14:33) from The Light Program
2. Just as Long (4:12) from Wetton/Downes
3. Video Killed the Radio Star (3:41) from Vox Humana
4. Roads of Destiny (4:23) from Vox Humana
5. Concerto (1:58) from Vox Humana
6. England (2:34) from Vox Humana
7. Nights in White Satin (3:09) from Evolution
8. Whiter Shade of Pale (4:19) from Evolution
9. Dust in the Wind (3:48) from Evolution
10. Don't Walk Away (4:24) from The Work Tapes (Hughes/Downes)
11. Downes Solo (2:26) from Live Acoustic (Asia)
12. The Journey Begins (1:44) from Rare (Asia)
13. Moscow (2:25) from World Service
14. London (2:33) from World Service
15. Zurich (2:10) from World Service
16. Paris (1:44) from World Service
17. World Service (0:51) from World Service
18. You Can Fly from Here (4:31)
19. Video Killed the Radio Star (2:23) from The Best of the 01/W

Notes: The liner notes claim all titles were written, performed and produced by Downes, but this is a simplification: check the entries for original albums for details. The notable tracks on this compilation are the final two: the Korg sampler album version of "Video Killed the Radio Star" is difficult to obtain, so nice to have Downes' contribution to it here. "You Can Fly from Here" is an oddly mistitled version of "We Can Fly from Here" with an uncredited Trevor Horn on vocals and probably some of the instrumentation. Quite where this recording comes from is unclear, although the obvious guess would be that it is Buggles-era. The piece was written by The Buggles and played live by Yes on the Drama tour, but has never been previously released. (HP, 7 Dec 03)

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