Yes- Yesterdays

Album: Yesterdays
Artist: Yes
1974 Atlantic
CD: 19134-2

Band members:
Jon Anderson: vocals
Peter Banks: guitar (2-8)
Bill Bruford: drums & percussion
Steve Howe: guitars (1), vocals (1)
Tony Kaye: keyboards (2-8)
Chris Squire: bass & vocals
Rick Wakeman: keyboards (1)

(1) produced Yes and Eddie Offord, (8) produced by Tony Colton and Yes

1. America [Paul Simon] (10:31)
2. Looking Around
3. Time and a Word
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Then
6. Survival
7. Astral Traveller
8. Dear Father [Anderson/Squire] (4:18)

Notes: (****) This compilation album features tracks from the first two albums (Yes and Time and a Word), a b-side "Dear Father" (included on the 2003 remaster of Time and a Word) and a track from the Atlantic compilation The New Age Of Atlantic, "America" (single edit included on the 2003 remaster of Fragile, where the piece is discussed). (HP, 11 Jan 05)

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